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Dog booties are rubber, fabric, or plastic coverings for dogs' paws, used to protect the animal from cold weather, rough terrain, or injury. Rough terrain and hot surfaces can damage your dog's paws. Pet Booties Australia is sturdy and strong while being stylish and fashionable. We've got plenty of both! Repeated paw injuries can be painful for your dog and for your wallet. Our boots can really boost your dog's traction great for mobility issues or arthritis. Non-slip dog socks provide traction indoors. The full feature dog boots are made with dense, water resistant but breathable nylon material and wrapped with a recycled tire material, this dog shoe lives up to its name because it provides extreme protection from most conditions. These dog boots are specifically designed for dogs and pets, keeping dogs from tracking dirt or mud into the house after a long day at play. These boots protect your dog's paws from any kind of rough surface including gravel, rocks, or dirt paths.

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